My name is Martin Woodward. I’m 65 years old and during my life on this planet I’ve tried just about every type of mind altering/self improvement and deep relaxation technique going. Most of these I must say are simply variations of ancient techniques repackaged and sometimes ‘sold’ at ridiculously inflated prices.

My aim here is to offer low cost or free deep relaxation / meditation techniques, CD’s, mp3’s and books that I have produced myself that work.

 In my experience all of the following techniques are worth pursuing:

The problem with some of them is that they can take quite some time to master and require regular daily practice, which is where BRAINWAVE ENTRAINMENT (Binaural Beats / Isochronic Tones) can help. Using these can accelerate the relaxation process, making it much quicker to use the  above - AND IT WORKS!

As there are an infinite number of different frequencies that can be used for relaxation etc., I really recommend making your own and experimenting - which is easy  with Binaural Beat Maker Plus.

Alternatively, I offer a comprehensive range of low cost ready made deep relaxation / meditation recordings available as instant mp3 downloads or on CD’s (wav). There are also several Freebies throughout the site which you are most welcome to.

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