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Recordings can also be made to order giving you exactly what you require at an absolutely unbeatable price.

The effective quality recordings in this section are mainly aimed towards meditation, breathwork and deep relaxation techniques.

Most have brainwave entrainment, but can be produced without this if required.

Most are available on CD or for instant mp3 download. Click on the items below for more details and prices.

Relaxation | Meditation Recordings CD’s & Mp3

Tibetan Bells / Tibetan SInging Bowls CD / mp3 - graphic
Reiki Bells
Binaural Beat Maker Plus
Conscious Connected Breathing / Self Rebirthing CD mp3 - graphic
Sleep Like a Brick - Binaural Beat Non abusive CD / mp3 - Graphic
Mix & Match - Binaural Beat / Isochronic Tone CD mp3 - graphic
WHo Are You?
Deep Relaxation - with verbal guidance CD mp3 - graphic
Alpha Beta Theta Delta
The Golden Sphere -  An Introduction to Rebirthing & A Course in Miracles

Self Improvement
Hypnotic CD’s Mp3

How these Programmes Work

This is basically a combination of light hypnosis, hypnotic suggestion and binaural beats.

The hypnotic induction puts the listener into a relaxed state.

The binaural beats helps the process considerably by making it much easier to sink into a relaxed (and therefore more perceptible) state.

Positive suggestions are then repeated which are far more easily picked up by the subconscious mind in this level of consciousness.

At the end of the programme the listener is brought back to normal waking consciousness both by verbal instruction and the binaural beats returning to beta (the normal level).

Repetition is the key - listen just once and you’d be wasting your time - use regularly and it works!




Any CD’s ordered now can not be dispatched until the end of November  as I am away until then. Downloads and books are no problem.

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